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The critically compelling governmental need for America is to replace expeditiously its weak contemptible politicians with Statesmen, who will act solely for the "good of the people."

a person who exhibits great wisdom, courage and ability in directing the affairs of a government

Sir Thomas Moore, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Winston Churchill

Congressional Representatives and Senators are paid a fabulous lifetime salary with exorbitant perks to represent the people. They are elected to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty for all of America.

Let's consider how our current government is doing:

  • Establish Justice - Collusion at the highest levels of our justice system is being exposed.
  • Domestic Tranquility - Many are deeply involved in stirring up strife for political gain.
  • Provide for Common Defense - Immigration and military preparedness are in shambles.
  • Promote General Welfare - Criminals, illegals & do-nothings are placed ahead of working Americans.
  • Secure Blessings of Liberty - Blessings come from honoring God, while liberty is preserved by the military and law enforcement. How do we expect security, if we dishonor the providers?

It has never been more obvious, that so many politicians are deceitfully more interested in enriching themselves (financially and politically) by serving interests contrary to that of "We the People."

Furthermore, this writer personally believes that "We the People" must be more responsible citizens. A responsible parent knows ignoring children will lead to their destruction. Similarly, citizens should know that allowing government to run amuck is the result of not bothering to do anything about its corruption. Yes, some do evil, but good people doing nothing is how it continues to get worse.

We need many who have wisdom, courage and ability to help our President to "Drain the Swamp" of abuse and corruption - something all true Americans should want. Let us pray that men and women with these qualities, regardless of their political affiliation, come forward for the good of our nation.

So, we the people must dig up the roots of this corruption: The hard working citizen of America start the process by setting down those embedded in partisan politics and personal gain. Reject elites who think their privilege is preferential over the common good. Say no to those who would divide us with identity politics. Let us affirm and re-establish a government of the people, by the people and for the people before more damage is done.

Recognize how corruption excels when citizens fail to act upon their concerns. Listen carefully and discern the truth. Patriots take responsibly, write letters, make phone calls, attend meetings and act like the good of our country matters; we cannot just leave it to evil-doers to have their way.

God bless America: (1) Let us remember, evil would do away with Believers, if it could; and (2) boldly stand for good, because Believers could do away with evil if they would.

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