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Worthy of America

The icon links below are indicative of how people are feed up with the subversive deep state, corrupt media, elite idiocy and a "nothing but politics" congress! Of course, those who are sour as rotten tomatoes or live in a delusional bubble may not agree.

Let us turn from negativity and trashing our nation for goodness sake. Come forth and proclaim something worthy of America. Collectively these affirmations will create a new paradigm of goodness and have a profound affect upon "we the people." So statesmen and patriots of all walks, write out in detail your positive, constructive opinion and corresponding PROCLAMATION for the good of America, and upon your honor, commit to backing it up.

Publish your personal "Worthy of America" proclamation as you see fit and share it with the club. Many diverse proclamations will be selected and placed on this website. Most importantly, be faithful to it both in word and deed! Thereby take your place among the brave throughout our history who have worked, sacrificed, fought and even died for America.

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